Update: Minolta SR-T 101

I eventually decided to get a CLA for my SR-T; even though I wasn't in love with it, I decided I wouldn't sell it, for sentimental reasons, so it seemed like a good idea to give it its best opportunity for success.

This has helped.  The mirror is no longer occasionally sticking up, and more importantly I'm not getting the periodic out of focus image; I don't know how the CLA fixed that, but the repair guy told me it can be caused by timing issues, and he appears to have been right.

I still don't like the focusing screen that much.  I've gotten another SLR that I'll talk about later that has a split-image screen, and I much prefer that.  The SR-T is also still large and heavy, and I've been finding that I really do prefer small and light cameras, even if I occasionally forget and lust after something like a Bronica SQ-A or Pentax 67 (which aren't even the largest options in medium format SLRs).

While I really enjoy rangefinders, I have a particularly difficult time seeing the patch indoors, so I'm keeping one of my SLRs loaded with EI 6400 film for these dark interiors.  Right now that rotation is just the SR-T and a Pentax MX, so it's still getting decent use time, and the bulk is less of an issue for a few seconds of shooting.  We'll see where it ends up long-term, but for now this camera sits in a solid middle place:  it's not a camera I love, but it's useful and used.