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Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash

 One of the most common ways to obtain film cameras is to get them from relatives who've dug them out from attics, closets, and garages.  When my in-laws said they had a box of old cameras from one of their parents, I had visions of a dusty but otherwise perfect Rolleiflex 2.8F emerging from cobwebs and into my greedy hands.  What I actually got was a collection of box cameras, which a quick eBay search showed went for only a few dollars.  Disappointed, I ignored the box for several weeks. While a surprise Rollei would certainly have been great, it turned out that once I gave it a chance, one of the cameras in that box would become a favorite in its own way and teach me to open my horizons more.  I never would have picked it out, but I now recommend it widely due to its ease of use and cheap availability.  And importantly, the way it encourages a carefree photographic experience - one that goes back to simpler times and allows you to turn off most of your photographic brain and jus

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